Enfield Island Village

This is a website developed by me, Iain Campbell, for the information of all residents of Enfield Island Village. I am also a resident of the Island who managed the Island successfully for many years as both an employee of CPM Asset Management and latterly Amber Management before standing down in 2014.

This gives me a unique insight into matters relating to the Island. Views expressed here are my own and are not attributed to any other person or organisation, unless provided/stated otherwise. I hope, however, sharing them will be of general interest to others, particularly those living on the island. My aim is, simply, to promote the Island as a whole - and for no personal profit or gain! Note, whilst ever effort is made to ensure that the documents/information provided on this website is accurate I will not be held responsible in the event that this should prove otherwise.

Island Picture

Morris Court

Enfield Island Village, is an urban village on the boundaries of London, Hertfordshire and Essex bounded by rivers and canals (see it on google maps). The Island is on the North Eastern boundary of the London Borough of Enfield in picturesque surroundings flanked by the River Lea and Lee Valley Park to the West/North West, Sewardstone Marsh and Epping Forest to the East.

Historically part of Essex, it became part of the London Borough of Enfield after the closure of the Royal Small Arms Factory at the end of the 1990s. An estimated 3,000 people now live on the Island in over 1,300 private houses and flats and social housing.

Enfield Island is managed by residents appointed as trustees of the Enfield Island Village Trust.

Island Dispute

I stood down as the Island’s Property Manager in January 2014 – over what I perceived to be a ‘power grab’ by one of the Island residents, a Mr Vladimir Ionnou (VI), who sought to discredit the work of the then appointed, and professionally accredited, Managing Agent, Amber Management, and to appoint himself as ‘managing agent’.  This, despite him having no previous property management accreditation/expertise or effective organisation in place to administer/manage Enfield Island Village  - a private estate of some 100 acres with over 1300 properties and income/assets of circa £600k (as of January 2014).

This, understandably, led to conflict amongst Island residents who formed the ‘Save Our Island’ (SOI) Group (see their associated Bulletin Board) to contest VI’s ‘appointment’ as managing agent and resulted in the holding of two Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM), to try and resolve the matter  - one organized by the  SOI Group on 26 March 2014  - and one on 28 April 2014 by VI.  However, both EGMs were hotly contested, with both sides questioning not only the other’s right to convene an EGM but to appoint trustees.

The matter was subsequently escalated to the Charity Commission who were asked to adjudicate on the matter.  The Charity Commission subsequently produced a Report and ruled:

  • The EGM held on 26 March organized by the Save Our Island Group WAS valid and the trustees elected at THIS meeting have a greater claim to be the legitimate board.

  • The appointment of the current Board of Trustees at an EGM held on 28 April 2014 was NOT valid/legitimate.  Therefore, the Charity Commission considered it inappropriate for the trustees ‘elected’ at this meeting to run the Trust.

  • There is doubt over whether the decision to appoint ICRI, a company owned by VI as ‘managing agent’, is valid as the trustees who made this decision were not properly appointed.

  • It is inappropriate for VI to remain as a trustee while ICRI is the managing agent for the Trust due to the obvious conflict of interest.

The Charity Commission recommended that all parties should work together to arrange a General Meeting where elections will be held that are open to all member who wish to stand as candidates to be trustees and form a new board that can take Enfield Island Village Trust forward.

However VI and his board of trustees have, to my knowledge, refused to acknowledge/comply with the Charity Commission’s recommendations and currently remain in post!

Update 3 Feb 15: Note: Since the above the Charity Commission has been forced to send another letter to the trustees because of the trustees refusal to accept their previous recommendations! See posting at 17 February 2015 for letter and details

Eight months (at the time of this writing) has elapsed since control was wrested from Amber Management and the Island is already showing signs of neglect/poor management.  More worrying is the disinformation, and indeed veiled threats, being continually perpetrated by the (illegitimate) board of trustees against Amber Management and the previous serving trustees or directors of the Island -  and what I perceive to be scare tactics by VI who continues to make unsubstantiated allegations concerning past ‘financial irregularities’ in order to try to justify his ‘appointment’.  Allegations which at the EGM on 26 April 2014 residents agreed should be substantiated by a third party.  Needless to say these allegations have NOT been substantiated.

I am now resolved to address the balance by giving exposure to matters of concern which come to my attention and to provide comment on this website under the Latest News links.

I shall aim to be factual/objective in my comments and give an insight into what we should expect from a managing agent and what is involved in managing the Island. I will also highlight any deficiencies of the current 'management' who purport to be doing a good job. I disagree - and will elaborate further through my postings; they have no mandate to manage the Island and have no affiliation to professional bodies concerned with property management.  There is now, in my experience, little/no oversight or adherence to standards and recommended practices connected with property management which has led, in turn, to a deterioration in the level of customer service, openness and transparency previously provided to residents when the Island was managed by professional and bona fide managing agents accredited by ARMA, the Association of Residential Managing Agents.

 Note, I no longer have any affiliation with Amber Management and the views expressed here are my own but based on managing the Island successfully for the past 8 years and in accordance with ARMA guidelines.