Enfield Island Village

This is a website developed by me, Iain Campbell, for the information of all residents of Enfield Island Village. I am also a resident of the Island who managed the Island successfully for many years as both an employee of CPM Asset Management and latterly Amber Management before standing down in 2014.

This gives me a unique insight into matters relating to the Island. Views expressed here are my own and are not attributed to any other person or organisation, unless provided/stated otherwise. I hope, however, sharing them will be of general interest to others, particularly those living on the island. My aim is, simply, to promote the Island as a whole - and for no personal profit or gain! Note, whilst ever effort is made to ensure that the documents/information provided on this website is accurate I will not be held responsible in the event that this should prove otherwise.

Island Picture

River Cottage

Enfield Island Village, is an urban village on the boundaries of London, Hertfordshire and Essex bounded by rivers and canals (see it on google maps). The Island is on the North Eastern boundary of the London Borough of Enfield in picturesque surroundings flanked by the River Lea and Lee Valley Park to the West/North West, Sewardstone Marsh and Epping Forest to the East.

Historically part of Essex, it became part of the London Borough of Enfield after the closure of the Royal Small Arms Factory at the end of the 1990s. An estimated 3,000 people now live on the Island in over 1,300 private houses and flats and social housing.

Enfield Island is managed by residents appointed as trustees of the Enfield Island Village Trust.